Saturday, December 18, 2010

Why won't the pro-choice people talk to me? Are they ashamed or afraid?

I've been sitting here staring at my computer screen looking for the words to convey how heavy my heart is right now. As tears stream down my face, my mind races with flash after flash of horrible reminders of this morning. Today was a rite of passage for me. Today, I learned, I mean I *really* learned! I learned that being in the pro-life movement is hard work. It's a calling, a ministry, a mission.

I used to think people probably had good reasons for being pro-choice, I just had not heard any yet. So today, at the protest against the new abortion clinic opening up in Wichita, I dove right into the heart of the pro-choice movement. I felt really discouraged that my "friend" had shot down conversation about abortion with me yesterday. So I got to the protest, and right in front of me was about 8 pro-choice women. I approached them saying I was interested to know what their reasons for being pro-choice were. They were cold, heartless-seeming women! At first I thought they are just putting up a rigid front... but then they started talking to me. These women did not give me one actual reason why they were pro-choice. In fact, they told me they were not even interested in talking to me. I asked them why? They called me names.

Unable to control my tears, I went to my two role-models in the pro-life movement. They taught me many pieces of wisdom; things I heard before but never fully comprehended until now. These are sad truths, but they have proven themselves to be true throughout history-- over and over again...

1) Our job is to be compassionate

2) I have to learn how to control my passion

3) There is a time to speak and a time to remain silent in the mission

4) The hard-core pro-choicers know it's a baby, a human being-- they find ways to rationalize and will not be convinced through dialogue or debates.

5) Our main goal is to inform the ignorant-- that's where we can make a difference.

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  1. After reading the first chapter of Abby Johnsons book, I really think that many people just choose not to see what is really happening. Someone just said they realized that it is human nature to only make a connection to that which affects you. So - if you have not had an abortion or do not know someone who has had one, you think "that is too bad" and you move on.